I’M ONE (blog) YEAR OLD!

ira glass creativesHEY, man!


Jeez, I’ve been so busy – sorry I haven’t been around much….you know how it is! This project’s still going, that one’s almost complete; the script is in it’s fifth draft, it’s now set in a completely different century to the first and I think it’s rubbish but I’m still at the flash cards stage so who can tell, right?! I’m intending it to be the best first screenplay anyone’s ever written. I’ll let you know.fuck that shit

Although…my motivation, enthusiasm, and precarious blend of optimism and gall hasn’t been around for long. One year ago, this blog became the first creative project that I had ever truly stuck with via my own volition, despite desperately wanting to write/film/sing in the shower for years. The first post, about Stop(everything)tober, developed a desire I didn’t really know I had: to articulate thought processes via a blend of the essayistic-on-paper/informal-in-person styles to which I am accustomed, in the hope of prompting responses from people. What an ideal situation: I could create conversations in which I had as long as I liked to formulate my thoughts, and then talk to everyone about it at once.

(Very important sidenote: I’ve ended a decade-long fiction grudge because of The Fault in Our Stars.)

neil gaiman escape

And people really seem to enjoy it too. Positive feedback is golden, and I’ve been hugely honoured at the amount I’ve received. (Although I’m still not famous. Weird.)

I have had another month’s break from here, as I’m doing a lot of writing and filming elsewhere and all workloads are mounting up. (Plug: Help me out by exploring these and sharing them?)

All-volunteer microplex cinema The Cube: cubecinema.com

The Film That Buys the aforementioned Cinema: cubecinema.com/film

Happening in March 2014: bristolradicalfilmfestival.org.uk


Staring at a screen each day gets lonely: @elizabethethird

Honestly, it was starting here that led me to trusting that I could take all these things on at once, see them through, and do them well.

Oh and not being a waster. That was a good decision.

me smoking mj scott
Me From The Past by MJ Scott


Whilst developing a sense of worth and capability, I’ve stumbled across things that have really resonated (which I have dotted around here.) I wish I had found them years ago, but “what ifs” and “fate” and “determinism”. I probably wouldn’t have been able to absorb them at the time anyway. So we’re cool, Me From The Past. We have an understanding. (We have an understanding, right?)

Wilms presenting
Me From The Recent







Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading for the past year. I appreciate your time; how amazing to have a conversation with hundreds of people! If anyone would like me to write about anything in particular, let me know; my inspirational juices are all going into one hole at the moment.

Speak to you all soon, and PLEASE Don’t Forget to be Awesome.

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