Why Expressing Myself is Like Throwing Paint Over Someone’s Money

The Papergirl exhibition has come to Bristol, and the organiser (who happens to be a good friend) asked me to submit something for it. Because I cannot draw, I decided to write some art instead. It’s about having feelings and emotions and hating what other people believe. Hope you like it.

PAINT PDF-page-001 PAINT PDF-page-002

2 thoughts on “Why Expressing Myself is Like Throwing Paint Over Someone’s Money

  1. I derive great comfort from this piece of art, Liz. Thank you for creating and sharing it. I think that, yes, in many ways I do feel the same. Things like light, noise, smells and caffeine don’t have much of an impact on me, but I can totally relate to what you say about feeling actual physical pain when one encounters nasty behaviour. When I see people treating other people badly, or treating animals badly, or treating the natural world badly, it has a big effect on me. It means that I cry quite a lot, but, as you once said to me, “pain demands to be felt”, and I think that I am a better person for allowing myself to feel deeply. To me, the pain is essentially a manifestation of empathy, and I am convinced that if a lot more people were a lot more empathetic, the world would be a better place. My Dad once talked to me about how grateful he was to his mother for “teaching [him] to nurture the emotional life”, and I knew exactly what he was getting at. I reckon that you will understand this too!

    1. Thanks Pippa, for an insightful response as always. Yes I do see what your Dad means, and I’ve heard the phrase ’emotional life’ or ‘interior life’ a lot. If you’re interested in the notion of being ‘highly sensitive’, Dr. Elaine Aron has basically pioneered Jung’s original premise via her PhD and has written a book about it. I read it in my early twenties and it was a massive game-changer for me…
      See her website: http://hsperson.com/
      I hope you are well! x

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