bubble saturated

The blog is my collection of thoughts on politics, media, society and culture, examined with a radical lens. In essence it’s connection and communication that interest me, and thus I end up writing about most things in relation to their dynamic with media and the public.

I studied film, and I now do a combination of jobs: I write, teach, organise, produce, and Socially Mediate.

I think I’m a socialist. I’m certainly an idealist, and a very enthusiastic introvert who gets tired like a kid after skittles (where skittles = things happening).

I’m a Master of the Arts, and I can prove it – but it’ll take time.

Things I’m proud of: I haven’t paid for an item of clothing in years. Most days, everything I’m wearing is a hand me down (bar the underwear, probably.) In 2015 I released a documentary feature film that I made for no money. It took me two years.

Co-director | Bristol Radical Film Festival

Worker-Projectionist-Unpaid Cuberade | Cube Cinema

Film Tutor | Screenology

Writer, Filmmaker & Critic | #freelancelife

You can find me elsewhere in cyberspace @elizabethethird, on Tumblr, or Instagram.

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