Sustainable Fashion in Bristol – Filthy Squirrel/Antiform/Swank shoot

You remember that tropical-themed fashion shoot I was talking about a few months back?

Filthy Squirrel Antiform photo shoot Bristol Elizabeth Mizon photographer

Of course you do, my blog is incredibly important to you.

The photos are out and free to live in the world, like parakeets! The parakeet in the shoot was very well behaved. I now feel we could have made better use of the pineapple though.


Thanks to everyone on the shoot, you were all really lovely and nice, but most importantly you were aesthetically pleasing.


Photography: Elizabeth Mizon
Twitter: @elizabethethird

Brands: Filthy Squirrel Clothing / Antiform
Twitter: @filthy_squirrel / @antiformonline

Jewellery: Swank Jewellery

Make Up Artist: Tessa Harrison

Hair Stylist: Kate Medland
Twitter: @medlandkate

Stylist: Kim Filth

Model: Christine Baturi

Model: Manji Meow


Location: The Island

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